696 - 6 Ave E
Drumheller, AB, T0J 0YS
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Phone: 403-823-3290
Fax: 403-823-2070
Email: reception@ddsf.ca

About Drumheller & District Seniors Foundation

photo of maple ridge manors in Drumheller Ab


To lead our community in age-friendly, home-like accommodation.


We ensure Drumheller and area seniors have a high quality of life by providing affordable and supportive accommodations.

Board of Directors

  • Tom Zariski, Town of Drumheller, Chairman
  • Steve Wannstrom,  Starland County, Vice-Chairman
  • David Sisley, Village of Delia
  • Mary Taylor, Village of Munson
  • M’Liss Edwards, Village of Morrin



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Dignity & Respect

We believe in the inherent value and worth of all individuals and that they should be treated without discrimination or prejudice.

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We believe that providing personal preferences to each Resident is essential in delivering an enriched, fulfilled and comfortable lifestyle.

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We believe that we are interdependent with each other and our environment and that as a team we can achieve greater impact in the context of the common good of our community.

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We believe in an open, honest approach and accountability that strengthens relationships between our Residents, Employees, Stakeholders and the DDSF.

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We believe that all individuals have the right to be treated with kindness and empathy.

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Well Being

We believe in the intrinsic value, dignity, safety and uniqueness of each individual and that well-being encompasses all aspects of physical, mental, spiritual and social life.