696 - 6 Ave E
Drumheller, AB, T0J 0YS
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Phone: 403-823-3290
Fax: 403-823-2070
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There are 12 cottages in total.  There are 3 buildings with 4 units per building.  These units consist of a kitchen (fridge & stove provided), living room, bedroom and bathroom.  Window coverings are provided.  There is a storage closet for each unit in the main entry.  Each building has a common area equipped with a washer and dryer for the tenants of the 4 units to share.  Each unit has a private entrance.  The cottages are a branch of the Sunshine Lodge.

Services Provided

  • Home / Yard Maintenance


Monthly Rental Rates

basic rent

Basic Rent

30% of monthly income to $800 max

$800 (max)

basic rent



basic rent


Add $2.75 GST


basic rent



basic rent

Air Conditioner *

For usage from May - Sept.

no charge

* Tenants must provide own portable style air conditioner


Photo Gallery

Cottage Exterior

Beautiful landscaped areas to enjoy

Beautiful landscaped areas to enjoy

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If you are interested in applying for residency at one of our Cottages, please contact us at (403) 823-3290 for further information.

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